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Benefits of Self-Insurance

  • Self-insured companies can form their own medical care networks for their employees to provide high quality care.
  • Employers can control and mitigate their own risk associated with worker injuries.
  • Medical costs and insurance bureaucracy costs and fees are all reduced through self insurance. Return-to-work rates are improved.
  • Self-insurance leads to better health outcomes as the treating physicians, workers and employers are more familiar with job-related injuries and the best treatment options based on each own company’s experiences.
  • Self-insurance produces higher satisfaction rates among employees and employers regarding the workers’ compensation process on several levels including recovery of physical health, access and satisfaction of care, and lower costs to the employer.

Who Should Be a Member

  • Certified Self-Insured employers
  • Employers with high deductible workers’ compensation policies
  • Employers with other “loss sensitive” workers’ compensation policies
  • Employers who care about managing their workers’ compensation costs
Why Join?
  • TSIA represents the collective voice of large employers for workers’ compensation in Texas
  • TSIA is highly respected and highly effective in working with both the Legislature and the DWC
  • TSIA maintains close connections with other interested groups and is able to magnify its impact by coordinating with others
  • TSIA works the front end of the workers’ compensation process to avoid instead of having to fix problems
  • TSIA can personally assist you and your company before the DWC or in communicating with Legislators
  • Annual membership is probably less than the average cost of a single claim
  • TSIA will keep you advised on what is happening in workers’ comp in Texas

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